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Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom Stays Cozy

Making the available space at home into a basement is a great idea to have special place for storing any stuffs or goods you have. If related to this matter then you are restoring a basement at home, actually add bathroom to basement could be a great idea to make it cozier than before. Add basement bathroom even will make you easier in reaching the bathroom.

Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom
Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom

By the way, the most important thing to concern when you want adding a basement bathroom as a part of your home is considering about the moisture. The moisture level in basement is higher because it is used to be located underground of the house. Here they are the tips to make the bathroom in your basement stays dry and cozy by reducing the moisture level.

Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom 2
Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom 2

Things to Do when Adding a Small Bathroom in the Basement Stays Dry and Comfortable

Adding a small bathroom in the basement actually is easy project to do. No need big sized bathroom at all. As long as it’s cozy and not damp, both basement and bathroom will feel comfortable. So, no need for you to worry about the space. Small bathroom is able to make the basement becomes comfy.

Two main things you shall not forget when adding a small bathroom for your basement are as follows:

1. Keeps the light on

The key to prevent both basement and bathroom feels and looks damp is the light. Basement is used to be dark with limited lighting. If you want to add the bathroom inside the basement, you must provide good enough lighting especially natural sun light to come inside it to prevent high moist level there. Besides, make sure there’s no leaking in the bathroom.

2. Good enough air circulation

Provide many air circulations for both the basement and bathroom will make them stay fresh and won’t be damp at all. Natural sunlight and fresh air is the key to make both basement and bathroom stay cozy without moist and damp.

Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom 3
Simple Idea of Adding a Basement Bathroom 3

Having a bathroom in your basement not only makes the basement feels cozier but also makes you easier to use the bathroom whenever you are in the basement without walking too long at all. Adding a basement bathroom in your home is an interesting and easy project to do. However, you need to do the right steps that will not ruin your plan.


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